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DEViNE by looks, DEViNE by nature

DEViNE creates handmade clothes for both children and adults. We work on a make to order basis. Located in the United Kingdom, we always like to be diverse with our products and have a range of what you might want or need. We thrive off of making products that you desire, so please get in touch and we can make your ideas come true.




There is a wide range in our kids clothes. All of the items are made out of a good quality fabric and certain design that will last and grow with your little one. There are so many different fabrics and designs to use so get in touch if you want something specific.


In the adults there is more diversity to the products. We keep the options completely open so you can suit your own style. From basic clothes to funky two pieces, we got you covered! Get in touch for requests.


We always like to keep our options open when it comes to accessories. We like to think of items that might be fundamental to add to your outfit or maybe something that can just subtly compliment your style. We provide matching accessories for most outfits to help work towards your theme. Once again, request are always welcome, as it adds to our products.

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